Our 2005 fishing trip at Pyramid was far beyond what we could ever imagine… Where else in the world can you catch Atlantic salmon on a fly rod while observing the wonders of the great Canadian North; herds of Caribou scattered across the mountain side and the magnificent George River flowing north surrounded by the panoramic scenery of the Pyramid Mountains and colors of the Arctic’s tundra.

Apart from the environment being the “true outdoorsman’s paradise”, the quality of the fishing was excellent. My Father, Grand Father and long time friend and business partner Lawrence joined me on this trip. On our first day we hooked 3 Salmon: a 7, 8 and 13 pound fish along with many brook trout ranging from 2-5 lbs. When we packed up our rods after 3 days of fishing, we had 11 salmon ranging from 6 ½ to 16 ½ lbs. We also hooked and released dozens of trophy brook trout weighing between 2 and 8 lbs.

Everything from the quality of the food, the comfortable cabins and boats, the staff, the view and as specially the fishing was amazing… we will be there next year!

Patrick Richardson


Dave with Salmon9/04/03

Dear Peter and Bob,

Enclosed are some photographs of Peter's and my trip to Pyramid Mountain Camp. Use them for your personal album or if you think any are suitable for your web site or promotional material, feel free to utilize them that way.

Peter Spiegel, M.D. and I had an absolutely fantastic time fishing with you both. The camp was comfortable, the hospitality was warm and sincere, your guiding was superb, and the fishing by our standards was excellent. John's cooking was excellent, resulting in my new pledge to lose another 10 pounds.

Thanks for making our experience so memorable. I look forward to returning some day since, as your clients Frances and Patti Smith are fond of saying, I've contracted "Pyramid Mountain Fever!”

New Hampshire

Imagine a wide, clear, fast flowing river bordered by towering green cliffs, drifting within 30 feet of a swimming bear and with wolf tracks on the sand. Above all, silence, except for the wind - no planes, no phones. The beautifully colored brookies and the char seem to hit and fight harder in the arctic environment.

Guides (and owners) Peter and Bob May are a pleasure to be with. I look forward to my return to Pyramid this summer!

Peter Speigel, M.D.



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